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Among the conference aims are: presentation of the newest achievements in a wide and interdisciplinary area of signal processing (particularly of audio and video) but also integration of researchers active in this field.

⇒ DSP theory, algorithms, and implementations
⇒ Image and video processing
⇒ Audio processing
⇒ Digital Television and stereovision
⇒ Multimedia data compression, editing, and data bases
⇒ Electroacoustics
⇒ Psychoacoustics
⇒ Sound mastering
⇒ Human-computer interfaces
⇒ Image synthesis, analysis, and recognition
⇒ Filter design and implementation
⇒ Vision and audio-based diagnosis in medicine and industry
⇒ Text-to-speech & speech-to-text algorithms
⇒ Artificial intelligence applications in DSP
⇒ Distributed and networked DSP systems
⇒ Virtual and augmented reality
⇒ Biometrics
⇒ Biomedical applications and assistive technologies
⇒ Mobile platform applications